In order to create a caring, supportive and welcoming environment Fenrishus needed tailor made art solutions that would fit the diversity of users and the space itself. Counting all kinds of users - from those with simple physical disabilities to complex and terminal diagnoses - the art solutions had to speak to a variety of user needs, including those of the family members and next of kin visitors. At Ferinshus everyone should feel comfortable and at home, despite the institutional environment where tough life conditions and difficult choices are the prerequisites of daily life.


To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this ambiguous space we decided to work with nature as the primary source of inspiration. By bringing in elements from our natural environment in the curatorial work - sunlight caught in a raindrop, wisterling leaves or rays of moonlight - we managed to evoke feelings of belonging and create a space for contemplation and peace for both daily users and visitors. 

We took a holistic approach to create tailor made art solutions designated to the different zones, hallways and common facilities in the centre. Doing so we handpicked more than 45 artists to showcase their pieces and worked with 3 selected artists to create site specific customised pieces. The overall result is an art solution that transforms an institutional setting with care-taking needs into a contemplative space that brings joy and appreciation of the smallest details in everyday life for everyone - both staff, visitors and users.

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