Artboost is an art agency that curiously combines art, people, and spaces. Creating experiences with art that are engaging, surprising, and accessible for both the art newbie and expert is always our goal. 

We wish to contribute to a more diverse, open, and playful art industry that creates value in all corners of everyday life.

We believe that art, in the right setting and context, can be a catalyst for strong company cultures, healthy work environments, social coherence, and sustainable change.

Our mission is to execute bespoke art projects that take not only the space but also the culture and context of the company, institution, and organisation into account.  

We always start a collaboration with an explorative meeting free of charge, to ensure that we are the right match for your company, institution, or organisation. Based on this first meeting we create an offer including objectives, timeline, and budgets.

Every project is tailored to the organisation's specific needs and wishes.

In general you can expect a project to go through four phases: investigation, curation, implementation and communication.


Our team is professional, curious, and helpful. We will always meet clients, employees, artists, and our peers at eye level, making sure that we deliver experiences with art that are engaging, surprising, and accessible for both the art newbie and expert.

Anders Cederholm

Head of Customer Relations and Partnerships, Co-founder

Anders is responsible for partnerships and realizing our customer´s dream projects. Anders is the co-founder of Artboost, and does creative concepts and directions on projects. He has a curious and unpretentious approach to the art industry and has been collecting art for 10+ years. He has carried out projects nationally and internationally for small scale companies and fortune 500 companies the past 7 years. Anders has a background as Business Development Engineer and is an initiator by heart, with a strong passion for creating projects that move people.

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Christina Dvinge

Head of Projects and Curation

Christina is overall responsible for creative development, art strategies and ensuring a holistic approach to the projects we deliver. Christina has worked strategically with cultural development projects in the public realm for a number of years as an urban consultant, a cultural entrepreneur and a curator. She is the initiator of Reflektor Light Art Festival and Kaleidoskop Light Culture Agency, and holds a master in Applied Cultural Analysis from Copenhagen University. At the core of her work is a curious eye, an analytical mind and a genuine passion for art, people and atmospheres.

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Mikkel Steen

CEO & Co-founder

Mikkel is responsible for the day-to-day well-being of the team. With technical expertise, Mikkel ensures that our internal systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible so the team can focus on delivering great art projects. Mikkel has a background as an engineer with a passion for web development and has previously made one of the largest Danish e-learning platforms for natural sciences. In addition to his technical competencies, Mikkel has a flair for graphical design and illustration which he uses to great effect in our visual branding and communication.

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Signe Sylvester

Head of Artist Relations & Curator

Signe is responsible for our relationships with artists and ensuring a high artistic quality in our projects. With a background as Artist Consultant, Signe has a large network of upcoming and established artists which is put to use when she carefully matches the right artist with the right project. Signe has many years of experience with entrepreneurship and project management in arts and culture, as well as a degree in Enterprising Leadership from the Kaospilots. She is especially passionate about enabling artists to thrive and spot new talent.

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Mille Heiberg

Communication and Social Media Assistant

Mille is responsible for the strategic development of communication and content creation on SoMe and web. With a bachelor's degree in film and media studies from the University of Copenhagen, she has a wide array of technical and communicative competencies. She is very passionate about contemporary art, in particular photography and architecture.

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Art has the power to influence anyone
Art has the power to change society for the better
It's ok to love art, even though you don't get it
it's ok to hate art, even though you don't get it
Art should enable great artists to prosper while alive
Art can be bought, but never the artist
Art belongs in spaces where everyone can experience it
Art can be functional without losing its artistic value
Everyone is an artist
Art is for everyone